Hiatus Announcement

The Moustachacy ISBI is going on a hiatus. Why? Well…

I have decided to get a new gaming rig. That’s pretty much the only reason why.
My old rig is five years old, it needs to be retired soon because of several reasons. Not gonna list all of its problems, but let’s just say it’s mostly because age.

With a new rig I can have the game run better, and not have to have the houses in the background of all shots look like garbage. Also I’ll be able to play Fallout 4 when it comes out (aaaaw yeeeaaah ;D).

I have no date for when I’ll get my rig. But it will be this year, definitely. But I estimate to be back in business in either September or October. Some parts I’ll want to get won’t come out until August.

I have one chapter that can be published, but I think I’ll wait until I get my new rig to publish it. Or maybe use my shitty laptop for it, I’ll see what I’ll do.

Until then, I hope you readers have a nice summer. I will post an update if I feel the need to, but otherwise this blog will be quiet. See ya when I see ya!


About Malin

23-year-old guinea pig fanatic. Video game addict, obsessed with properly cooked food, and does art when there is the mood.
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