The Moustachacy ISBI 5.0

5_0 Title Card
Happy summer to all of you.
Where I live the summer has retreated somewhere, it’s been quite rainy for a while.

Didn’t expect to release a chapter so late in the month, but I’ve been feeling uninspired lately when playing (mostly due to sim makeovers).
But at least one chapter is better than nothing. And it’s also the first in gen 5!

Last time; lots of people grew up a stage or two, some renovations happened, and designated heir Luigi was turned into a faerie.

5_0 (1)
I may or may not have made the garden/the number of plants too grand.
Takes forever to tend to it when it’s harvest time.

5_0 (2)
Judah: I need more of those faerie potions, right?
Yup. ‘Cause other faeries can’t make non-faeries into faeries the way vampires can.

5_0 (3)
No potions this day, but she did find a victim for a private reading.

5_0 (4)
Then, because she had nothing else to do, Judah visited the festival.
Judah: I’ve never seen such a place like this.

5_0 (5)
Horse 1: The skating rink doesn’t allow horses on it. I think that’s discrimination!
Horse 2: Completely agree with you. It’s outrageous!

5_0 (6)
Judah: Aaah! This is too spoopy for me.

5_0 (7)
At home, Flak is drinking coffee. Instead of going to bed like a sensible sim would.

5_0 (8)
Who made all that coffee? Also why is the kitchen so dark?

5_0 (9)
I said last chapter that Cyan reminds me of McMurphy, but didn’t show his outfit which makes me think back of McMurphy. So now I do.

5_0 (10)
After a long time of having a boring wallpaper in the main hall, I now have a better wallpaper. Also some new lights in the ceiling. But the floor remains the same for now.

5_0 (11)
Flak: I don’t understand why I’m so tired… I drank coffee.
Go to bed, silly sim!

5_0 (12)
Whew, no fainting fails yet.

5_0 (13)
Reading alchemy recipes outside the bookstore in the middle of the night because she has potions which makes her energy bar stay full longer.

5_0 (14)
Luigi: I remember back in the last chapter, you were a tiny baby and I held you. And now we’re the same age. That’s pretty wacky, right?
Cyan: Yeah, I guess so.

5_0 (15)
Hot dang, a discount for the elixir store! :D

5_0 (16)
Is visiting a friend after school, who lives across the street to her. You can see the badly rendered Miller home in the shot.

5_0 (17)
5_0 (18)
For a second I considered making Judah toss 50 potions at people to complete a skill challenge. But then I realized Luigi’s birthday is soon, so I won’t be able to make use of the challenge reward for long anyway.

5_0 (19)
Woo! Level 9. Look at all dat money.

5_0 (20)
Evening dancing.

5_0 (21)
I’m making tons of potions for future generations to use.

5_0 (22)
Little brothers in jammies.

5_0 (23)
Max’s superstar look.

5_0 (24)
Lamp posts!
Luigi: I am awesome.
Other kiddies: No, you smell, go shower.

5_0 (25)
Pros: Kids do their homework.
Cons: They don’t do it by their desks I bought for them.

5_0 (26)
Luigi: I’m back, and I’m clean.

5_0 (27)
That is one awesome job title.

5_0 (28)
5_0 (29)
5_0 (30)
5_0 (31)
The buffet table is brought out for Luigi’s birthday.

5_0 (32)
5_0 (33)
5_0 (34)
5_0 (35)
Sparkle ahoy!

5_0 (36)
Young adult Luigi!
He has pumpkin pants.
And his new stats I’ll tell about soon.

5_0 (37)
First thing he does is to flirt with a former classmate, haha.

5_0 (38)
Cassie: If we’re gonna be together, we need to go on weekly jogs.
Luigi: Uuuhh, moving a bit fast now?

5_0 (39)
5_0 (40)
Made over Borous’ old room for Luigi.

5_0 (41)
Luigi: I can’t reach this plate on the counter, help!
Umberto: Gee, brotha. I’ll move.

5_0 (42)
Judah is reacting well to being non-controllable again.

5_0 (43)
Stats for Luigi, here they are.
I got to pick his trait, like always, and he is now flirty. Got to pick his LTW, which is Greener Gardens (get gardening to level 10, and use bloom on 100 plants).
While being non-controllable, he managed to get 1 point in logic and 2 points in gardening.

5_0 (44)
5_0 (45)
5_0 (46)
5_0 (47)
Parent slow dancing.

5_0 (48)
Umberto: Oh hai, snek.

5_0 (49)
Max: Lemme at the shower, Lu. I will punch it to submission.
Luigi: Go to bed, dad. I got this.

5_0 (50)
Luigi’s jammies, which I want for myself. They look very nice.

5_0 (51)
Luigi: So this is adult life, paying house bills?
Pretty much.

5_0 (52)
Meanwhile, Judah is having a blast with her kids’ toys.

5_0 (53)
Teens uniting to vanquish puddles.

5_0 (54)
5_0 (55)
Here you can see how Luigi’s aura affects other sims.
Also, here you can see Luigi making tofu dogs.

5_0 (56)
Cyan: Tag!

5_0 (57)
Judah: Huff huff… I am too out of shape.

5_0 (58)
Flak: Om nom nom.
(Why did I take this picture?)

5_0 (59)
5_0 (60)
Checking out chicks, and I’ve zero’ed in on one I think would be interesting genetics-wise.

5_0 (61)
5_0 (62)
Faerie repair in progress.

5_0 (63)
Flak: Oh boy! Luigi’s powers are so awesome. I can’t wait until I’m a faerie too.
That’s probably not happening at this point, Luigi is too busy with other things than to visit the elixir shop every day.

5_0 (64)
So as a sort of consolation, Luigi is taking his siblings to the local pool.
Umberto: I don’t wanna get in the car in the state it’s in.
Eeh, it’s totally safe.

5_0 (65)
Cyan: Yay, we’re going on an adventure!

5_0 (66)
5_0 (67)
This is the chick I picked.
Her name is Dianna, she’s a faerie, and she has two kids already.

5_0 (68)
Umberto: Why did we go to the pool when you know I am hydrophobic?

5_0 (69)
At least other people enjoy the waters.
The kid thinking about a lounge chair is one of Dianna’s kids.

5_0 (70)
Flak: Aw yeah, I have my own pool.

5_0 (71)
5_0 (72)
5_0 (73)
Umberto: I don’t know if this is appropriate for minors to watch.

5_0 (74)
5_0 (75)
I’m learning so much about faeries.

5_0 (76)
They part as good friends.
She is single, they have matching signs, and no clashing traits found yet.
I’d say she’s gonna be a good future spouse.

5_0 (77)
Luigi needed to level his faerie magic skill before he could learn bloom.

5_0 (78)
Level 9! So close to completing her LTW, Judah is.

5_0 (79)
The younger kids take to the juice now that they know there will be no faerie powers for ’em.

5_0 (80)
Go to bed, parents!

5_0 (81)
Cyan is trying out different skills, good for him.

5_0 (82)
Flak’s room has a sofa now.

And that’s the first chapter of generation five done.

Points tally.

Torch Holders: 5
Births: 12/1/0
Social Worker: 0
Fired: 0
Fail School: 0
Fires: 1
Pass-Outs: 0
Wet Pants: 1
Repo-Man: 0
Un-Normal Deaths: 0
Honor Roll: 14
Topped Careers: 1
Non-Playable Topped Careers: 3
LTW Achieved: 2
Non-Playable LTW Achieved: 2
Every 100k Total Worth: 0
Points Total: 350 points

If you wanna grab Luigi for your game, go to his profile page.

Next chapter will be out some time in July.
Now when I am uninspired with the game, I think I can at least publish one chapter per month. I hope to get the old sim drive fueled as soon as possible.

See ya next chapter!


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23-year-old guinea pig fanatic. Video game addict, obsessed with properly cooked food, and does art when there is the mood.
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4 Responses to The Moustachacy ISBI 5.0

  1. LMAO, the horses with the skating rink. They route fail so often, it’s always a source of hilarity when one has Pets installed.

    Wow, Luigi’s room is very leafy, I like it. The black works nicely with the pastel colours. And it suits his LTW, so yay. He looks very spiffy, I like the German outfit he has, totally suits him. And love the auras, so helpful for getting others to skill quickly.

    I quite like Dianna, you’re right about her having interesting genetics. Hopefully she can be caught easily.

    • Malin says:

      Thank the ancestors for being able to reset sims and pets. :D

      I think a lot of patterns in Sims 3 look good with a black base with various pretty colours on them. Luigi’s new everyday wear is kind of a reference back to the look he had as a kid.

  2. TinyPiglet says:

    I love Luigi’s new look, really suits him. I luvs fairies, those auras are so helpful. I need to get more fairies in my legacies.
    I actually like Diana, she has an interesting face. I think she is cute though.

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