The Moustachacy ISBI 4.3

4_3 Title Card
Luigi claims the title card again.
Not that I really keep track of who was on the card last when I’m playing.

Last time; Luigi grew up into a teen, Umberto and Flak into children, Cyan was born, and the family moved towns to Sunset Valley.

4_3 (1)
Starting this chapter off with the only two kids with black hair.

4_3 (2)
Luigi: *Shares brainpower with Cyan*

4_3 (3)
Cyan: But I am not tired. :<
Luigi: Well, it’s late and you probably should sleep.

4_3 (4)
A closer look at Luigi’s jammies.

4_3 (5)
And Flak’s jammies too.
I don’t wear jammies anymore, it gets too warm for me.

4_3 (6)
Max’s new morning habit is waking up Judah with the stereo because he wants to start his day with dancing. Judah does not appreciate it.
Judah: Fffffffff…

4_3 (7)
Umberto: I have jammies too, ya know.
Yep. Indeed you do.

4_3 (8)
Birthday time for Cyan.

4_3 (9)
Judah: Hey, where are the rest of the kids?

4_3 (10)
Judah: Meh, it’ll have to do.

4_3 (11)
Oh, and it’s also Leisure Day, so I threw a pool party because reasons.

4_3 (12)
Also because pool party, I decided to finally get a diving board.
Which I later had to delete since it gave some routing problems.

4_3 (13)
Guest girl: I can’t get to the door from here!
Then walk around to the front?

4_3 (14)
Anyway, here is Cyan.
I got to pick, and he is now a workaholic.

4_3 (15)
As cute as he is, he is like a little Judah, except the colouring.

Which means the decision has been made. Luigi is the heir.

4_3 (16)
Meanwhile, the pool party was like most parties. Chill.

4_3 (17)
Behold. The grace of our heir.

4_3 (18)
4_3 (19)
4_3 (20)
4_3 (21)
About time I got some lights for the outdoors. It gets quite dark at night.

4_3 (22)
With no cribs needed anymore, Flak’s room is finally graced with a bed and some furniture. Need to add more clutter, but this is good for now.

4_3 (23)
Yay, aliens…
Seriously, go away.

4_3 (24)
The view is still pretty good at dark.

4_3 (25)
Judah is now free from baby training forever, so she can tend to her plants better.

4_3 (26)
It always feels a bit odd the first time all of the kids are at school.
It’s sort of empty in a way.

4_3 (27)
This is the point where I sold the diving board. Max couldn’t go to work because of it.

4_3 (28)

4_3 (29)

4_3 (30)
Kids playing!

4_3 (31)
And hurray, someone finally uses one of the kid ovens.

4_3 (32)
Neurotic Luigi checking sinks, ensuring the family doesn’t drown when I’m not looking.

4_3 (33)
The lot where I plopped down the house has a lot, and I mean a lot, of spawn points for insects, animals, and rocks. Pretty handy for Judah’s alchemy I have to say.

4_3 (34)
Yeeeesss! First promotion for Judah in ages.

4_3 (35)
Not long after Judah becomes a mature adult, it’s Max’s turn.

4_3 (36)
Judah: Aaaah! The bees!

4_3 (37)
Judah: Not the bees!
Bees. My god.

4_3 (38)
Shot of Luigi. Because reasons.
I think he is a decent mix of his parents.

4_3 (39)
And now we know where the title card came from.

4_3 (40)
4_3 (41)
4_3 (42)
4_3 (43)
Not much is happening at the moment.

4_3 (44)
Except Max maxed one of the skill he needs for his LTW.
Good job.

4_3 (45)
I have a few vacuums sitting in Judah’s inventory, they do look pretty cool.

4_3 (46)
Thank the ancestors for the collection helper.

4_3 (47)
About time I made something with the little mid area of the backyard.
Judah, and any future gardeners, will be able to benefit from the space.

4_3 (48)
Nice, our first honor roll this generation.

4_3 (49)
Also nice, is Judah’s second promotion so close to the first one.

4_3 (50)
Mass planting time.

4_3 (51)
Cyan: Happy birthday, Umbe!

4_3 (52)
Umberto goes from purple and white, to purple and yellow.
Her new trait is never nude.

4_3 (53)
I went with a different make-up for her. She’s like Judah if she wasn’t gothic-y.

4_3 (54)
Max: Sweet muffins, we have a sprinkler! Awesome!

4_3 (55)
Umberto: Wanna do homework together, Lu?
Luigi: Sure, Umbe.

4_3 (56)
Later that night, Luigi was asked out on a date by a chick named Christi by the military base.

4_3 (57)
Christi: Thanks for coming, now EAT WATERBALLOON BUB!
Luigi: Aaah!

4_3 (58)
More promotions. I like dat money.

4_3 (59)
Judah’s new outerwear.
I hate that outerwear changes whenever you go from young adult to adult.

4_3 (60)
Judah tries out the food replicator, which I’ve actually never used in the game. Ever. Weird, huh?

4_3 (61)
I thought the machine would “eat” the food, but it just stores it in memory so it later can make it a maximum of 10 times. Well now I know.

4_3 (62)
Good job, Flak.

4_3 (63)
4_3 (64)
Aw yeah! Level 6, and the mystic branch is picked.

4_3 (65)
Max: Why the hand in the face, Judah?
Judah: Shush, I need to do this stuff for work.
Yep, she now has to do private readings to advance quicker.

4_3 (66)
Cyan: Didn’t we use to have more paintings around?
We did, but the game is stupid when it comes to keeping sim-made items around.

4_3 (67)
Luigi was asked out to another date, this time to the most remote lot in the entire town.

4_3 (68)
4_3 (69)
But alas, his date ditched him.

4_3 (70)
Judah: This will make you hot as a desert!

4_3 (71)
Lady in dress: :O

4_3 (72)
Lady in dress: Boo! I liked the way I was.

4_3 (73)
Judah: This potion will make you happy as a sun with sunglasses!

4_3 (74)
Lady in dress: Aaaah!
Judah: Hello?

4_3 (75)
Judah: Hot dang, am I awesome or what?
Maxing alchemy will help a lot in her career.

4_3 (76)
Flak’s time for sparkle.

4_3 (77)
While Flak is off getting a makeover, Judah has some business with Luigi.

Judah: I found some fun stuff at the shop the other day, and I think one of them will benefit you later. So I was thinking I’d give it to ya right away.
Luigi: Okay. What sort of thing is it?

4_3 (78)
Judah: Behold!

4_3 (79)
4_3 (80)
Luigi: Am I supposed to feel weird?
Judah: I dunno, maybe?

4_3 (81)
Luigi: Oh my, is that…?

4_3 (82)
Luigi: I have faerie wings! Thanks, mom!
Judah: You’re welcome.

4_3 (83)
Umberto: I am so jelly right now.

4_3 (84)
Yep, Luigi is a faerie now.
I changed the colour of his wings, but they don’t show well in bright lighting.

4_3 (85)
Here you see better how they look.

4_3 (86)
Cyan with spaghetti.

4_3 (87)
He’s now an angler.

4_3 (88)
He has Max’s eyes, which I never noticed until just now.

4_3 (89)
Flak: Gtg, school.

4_3 (90)
The plants have grown to fruition (is that even a sentence? ;P).
Also, the sprinkler is messy.

4_3 (91)
Cleaning up by himself for once.

4_3 (92)
This is Judah’s work outfit. xD

4_3 (93)
Third honor roll this chapter? Will I get four?

4_3 (94)
Eliza: I wish I had some wings too.
Umberto: I second that.
Luigi: I feel light as a ghost.

4_3 (95)
Yesssss! Four out of four honor rolls, done in a single chapter. Well done, kiddies.

4_3 (96)
Cyan visits a friend’s place after school.

4_3 (97)
Cyan: No kitty, this is my cheeseburger.
Cat: :<

4_3 (98)
The promos keep rolling in.

4_3 (99)
Umberto following her dad’s footsteps.

4_3 (100)
Judah: Where are you heading, Lu?
Luigi: I got asked to a date again.

4_3 (101)
A date with that chick Judah threw bees at.

4_3 (102)
Umberto: Mom’s garden is pretty huge now.

4_3 (103)
Max: Sure is.

4_3 (104)
Because Judah needed willing victims for private readings.

4_3 (105)
The guests had a good time despite Judah’s hands on their faces.

4_3 (106)
Judah: A few potions and I’m ready to kick work’s butt.

4_3 (107)
Guest guy: Do I put the food here?
Yes. I did put tables by the front door just so people wouldn’t head to the second floor and put their food on the kids’ desks.

4_3 (108)
4_3 (109)
Umberto: Mmmmm… spaghetti.

4_3 (110)
Last promotion for this chapter.

4_3 (111)
4_3 (112)
A non-rendered deer decided to visit.

4_3 (113)
Attempting to replicate some spaghetti… which spoiled in two seconds.

4_3 (114)
So I replicated some pumpkin pie instead, which didn’t spoil in two seconds.

4_3 (115)
Flak: I don’t understand where all this water comes from.
Haha. Why not wait until after I turn off the sprinkler, Flak?

4_3 (116)
Umberto: Lu, can you make me a faerie? I want some sweet wings.
Luigi: Umm, I think I can do that. Need to wait until I’m an adult though.

4_3 (117)
Flak: I want some wings too.

I don’t know if it’s possible myself, but we’ll see when I get there.

4_3 (118)
4_3 (119)
4_3 (120)
4_3 (121)
Sweet raise and bonus cash.

4_3 (122)
Cyan: Yay, lamp post! It’s my birthday!

4_3 (123)
Cyan: I can’t do something because something is in the way.

He’s now frugal.

4_3 (124)
And he reminds me of McMurphy.

4_3 (125)
Ending this chapter with this shot, which I don’t remember the reason for taking.

Points tally.

Torch Holders: 4
Births: 12/1/0
Social Worker: 0
Fired: 0
Fail School: 0
Fires: 1
Pass-Outs: 0
Wet Pants: 1
Repo-Man: 0
Un-Normal Deaths: 0
Honor Roll: 14
Topped Careers: 1
Non-Playable Topped Careers: 3
LTW Achieved: 2
Non-Playable LTW Achieved: 2
Every 100k Total Worth: 0
Points Total: 340 points

Next chapter will be out… I don’t know when. I have to play the game first.
See ya then!


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23-year-old guinea pig fanatic. Video game addict, obsessed with properly cooked food, and does art when there is the mood.
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2 Responses to The Moustachacy ISBI 4.3

  1. LMAO at starting the morning with dancing; sounds like an awesome way to start the day, actually. My ghosts have done that to Cosette a few times, I’m kind of regretting putting a stereo in her room…

    Neurotic sims are among my favourite; they’re like a more ordered version of Insane, still doing crazy things. Because it’s totally possible to drown from a single dripping sink, lol.

    Love the little garden thing, great idea! I always stick my gardens in a box in the yard, I like the idea of having different sections of garden; more realistic, actually. But lol at the messy sprinkler and the kids in the mopping loop; mine do that also. Hidden neat trait, methinks.

    I love the makeovers of all the kids, but glad Luigi is heir; you’re right about the mix of his parents. And yay, fairy TH! I love his pale pink wings, great choice. Though pretty sure he can’t turn people into fairies, still need potions – could look at the alchemy store, they’re allegedly sold there (though I’ve never found any transformation potions).

    • Malin says:

      Thanks for commenting again! I do read all of your comments, even if I don’t respond to all of them.
      I’ve found that if there is a stereo in the house, a sim will turn it on no matter what. They really want music in their lives. :D
      I did get the faerie potion from the alchemy store, since to make the faerie potion yourself you need a special fish. Which I can’t be bothered to catch since Judah is so busy anyway.
      And I now just read up on the sims wiki how to make faeries, and you were right. Can only make ’em via CAS, potion, or an opportunity at the faerie place. Hmmm, sounds like potions are the best route.

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