Liebster Award a.k.a. Fun Times With Questions

So I got nominated by Charlotte, thank you very much, for a Liebster Award, which reminds me of those ask memes I sometimes get on tumblr. Charlotte is the author of the Mendoza Legacy, and the Winterton Adoptacy.

I do like answering questions, but I also don’t like spreading chain mail. This just means I won’t send this to specific people, instead I nominate anyone who reads this and who are also willing to do it.

Rules of this thingamabob.

1.) Post the award on your blog

2.) Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog

3.) Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.

4.) Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

The questions Charlotte asked her nominees:

1. Is there anything that has happened or hasn’t happened in your legacy/story/challenge that you regret?

With the Regnbåge Legacy, I regret that I didn’t use mods or cc at all. Especially mods, since it would solve many of the problems I had with the game while playing. I also regret going for the same boring patterns for so long in to the challenge (until lime gen, what was I thinking?).

2. What do you love most about writing your legacy/story/challenge?

I like that I’ve chosen a simple commentary style for my sims things, since I do see it more as “look at these wacky sims :D” than “seriously great storytime using sims as a medium”.

3. What got you started playing sims?

My elder brother got The Sims 1, and I got to play it too. While he stopped playing, I got very hooked. I bought all but one of the Sims 1 expansions, and later Sims 2, and even later Sims 3. I also have played The Sims Bustin’ Out for the GBA, and finished it. In that game you are an alien, haha.

4. Do you have a favourite sim from your legacy/story/challenge?

Eeep, I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose. So I’ll pick 2 from each legacy.

Regnbåge Legacy: Ham and Grænblár.

Moustachacy ISBI: Tesla and Judah.

5. If you could take one thing from TS3 and make it real what would it be and why?

The wacky plants that exist, like hot dog plants, meat plants, and life fruit plants. Would be very handy to have.

6. What was your favourite film as a child?

Jurassic Park.

7. If you wasn’t writing a blog about the Sims is there anything else you would write about and why?

I do have a regular blog, which at the moment is a glorified instagram account. That blog doesn’t have a niche though, so we’ll see what I’ll do with it in time.

8. What do you like to do when you aren’t playing Sims.

Play other games, which is one of the bigger reasons why my updates are slow, haha.

9. Would you start a new legacy/story/challenge when your current one is done and would it be TS3 or TS4?

Yes I would, and it would be in TS3 since I don’t have TS4. Even if I did have TS4 I wouldn’t use it since at the time of writing this the game doesn’t have enough content for me to want it. Maybe in a year or two I’ll try it out.

10. What is your favourite expansion?

For Sims 1, Makin’ Magic. I spent so many hours collecting stuff, learning spells, and finding a sleeping Will Wright atop the beanstalk amongst the clouds was amazing. Honorable mention to Unleashed, since it was my first expansion.

For Sims 3, it’s a tie between Late Night (Bridgeport is amazing), Seasons (weather effects ftw), and Supernatural (vampires, faeries, and witches, heck yes).

For Sims 2, I never did play any of the expansions.

11. And finally cats or dogs?
Guinea pigs!

Now, for those who want to do this too (maybe they like to answer questions too :P), here’s 11 questions.

  1. How old were you when you first started playing The Sims?
  2. Which game was your first Sims game?
  3. What aspect do you like the best about the Sims? Architecture? Family creating? Killing everything with fire over and over?
  4. What is one thing you wish that you could change about The Sims? More chairs? Less bugs?
  5. Has anything in-game scared you, or made you jump in your seat? Sims 1 burglar sound, anyone?
  6. What is the stupidest hairstyle you have ever seen in any Sims game? CC doesn’t count.
  7. Got any favourite piece of music from any of the Sims games? Radio music doesn’t count.
  8. Favourite pre-made sim? This includes townies, and npcs, any sim that was made by the developers.
  9. Favourite neighbourhood/town from any of the Sims games?
  10. Do you think there will ever be a Sims 5?
  11. Lastly, have you ever played any of the other Maxis Sim games? Like SimCity or SimCopter.

Lemme know if you answer them, would be fun to read.


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23-year-old guinea pig fanatic. Video game addict, obsessed with properly cooked food, and does art when there is the mood.
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