The Moustachacy ISBI 4.2

4_2 Title Card
Happy weekend to you readers. I’ve eaten plenty of fish and played some board games.
Rounding out the week with a chapter feels good.

Last time; Judah and Max got married, Umberto and Flak was born, Luigi reached the child stage, and Borous died.

4_2 (1)
Starting this chapter off with a broken sink. Sweet.

4_2 (2)
Max: Hey, Luigi. Would you like to toss the handegg with me?

4_2 (3)
Luigi: Sure. Just let me be sad for grandpa a bit.

4_2 (4)
Max: Here comes a fast one!

4_2 (5)
Luigi: *Takes it like a champ*

4_2 (6)
4_2 (7)
Promo number one for this chapter.

4_2 (8)
She exists.

4_2 (9)
Judah: Luigi, go do your homework. It’s important for your grade.

4_2 (10)
Luigi: Oh, okay then.

4_2 (11)
Sparkle time for Flak.

4_2 (12)
He got that greenish brown ugly hair colour (if you’ve played the game, you know which hair I’m talking about), so I gave Flak a new caramel-ish hair colour based on the original roots.

4_2 (13)
Otherwise, Flak has blue eyes – Max’s blue eyes in fact. His face seems to be mostly Judah, which is disappointing.

4_2 (14)
Judah: Say, microscope.
Umberto: Microscope.
Judah: Good, Umberto!

4_2 (15)
Judah: Now you can have dinner.
Umberto: Aaah, gimme already!

4_2 (16)
Flak: Om nom nom! *Translation* I’d like some food too.

4_2 (17)
4_2 (18)
Featuring mini-Judah.

4_2 (19)
Almost a family picture, again.

4_2 (20)
Yun got together with one of Antwan’s descendants.

4_2 (21)
Luigi: I haven’t ridden the horse for 30 minutes. I need to get back to it, right now.
I think you are addicted. Seriously.

4_2 (22)
4_2 (23)

4_2 (24)
Now there we have a complete family picture.

4_2 (25)
Judah: Max! The baby is coming.
Max: Are we heading to the hospital then?
Judah: We can’t leave the small ones alone.
Max: Then what should we do?

4_2 (26)
Homebirth it is.

4_2 (27)
Max relaxes with some juice in the meanwhile, haha.

4_2 (28)
It’s a boy! Second son in a row, third boy over all, and fourth child overall.

Named Cyan, after Cyan Garamonde, a noble samurai from Final Fantasy VI.
Apparently Judah’s pregnancy sucked (probably due to Borous dying), so both of Cyan’s traits were locked in, brave and loves the outdoors. Faves are mac and cheese, R&B, and sea foam.

4_2 (29)
Judah: Who the heck is calling at this hour?

4_2 (30)
Yun: I’m gonna be a dad!
Judah: Oh, good for you. Congrats.

4_2 (31)
Umberto: Foooood!
Judah: Didn’t I feed you already?

Cue cute toddler spam!

4_2 (32)
4_2 (33)
4_2 (34)
4_2 (35)
4_2 (36)
With Borous gone, I remade his room as a sort of painting room until further notice.

4_2 (37)
Luigi: Man, am I sleepy or what? I should ride the horse some more.
No! To bed you go!

4_2 (38)
Taking care of babies can be tiring.

4_2 (39)
But very soon there will be one less baby to worry about.

4_2 (40)
Yup, Umberto’s time to sparkle.

4_2 (41)
I got to pick her trait, and she is now hydrophobic.

4_2 (42)
First thing she does is to mop up the potty’s pee puddle.

4_2 (43)
Now as a child, I’m 99% sure she is a mini-Judah.

4_2 (44)
Umberto: Aw yiss, the horse was unoccupied.

4_2 (45)
Random dancing interlude.

4_2 (46)
Judah: Luigi, I think you should spend less time on that horse and more time sleeping.
Luigi: Wait, what?

4_2 (47)
Luigi: I’m not doing that at all, you’ve got it all wrong.
Judah: Yeah. Sure I do. But seriously, get off the horse or I’ll take it away.

4_2 (48)
4_2 (49)
4_2 (50)
Kiddies playing, and Luigi the addicted.

4_2 (51)
Cyan had his birthday, and he has black hair, possibly from Eugene. Also, he has pretty green eyes, but I dunno from where.

4_2 (52)
3am pancakes are the best pancakes.

4_2 (53)
Max: You’re too small for pancakes, Cyan, but the bottle is good enough.

4_2 (54)
Bath time.

4_2 (55)
Homework time.

4_2 (56)
Luigi: Horse time!
No! Git off that horse now!

4_2 (57)
Judah: I don’t recognize this place. Where am I?

I moved towns!
It was about time, the file was over 200mb, and it was having issues which mostly stem from save file size.

We are now in Sunset Valley, still in permanent summer mode because I don’t want to bother with weather effects right now (maybe the next town will be perma-winter, I dunno yet). Some of the old neighbours were ported into the new town, and I added some new blood via CAS.

Lastly, the game wouldn’t load CAS for a little while. I don’t know what the problem was, but I’m suspecting it was something with savedsims. I wanted to add some new sims from other legacies, but that’ll have to wait until the next time I move towns.

4_2 (58)
I still had the family in the bin from when I last moved.
Borous was a child then, so it was quite a while ago.

4_2 (59)
Luigi: Umbe, where did the horse go?
Umberto: Mom took it away ’cause you didn’t listen.
Luigi: :<

It’s strange, because the horse was there when Judah, Selleck, and Yun were kids, and it wasn’t used as heavily then.

4_2 (60)
Dancing in da new town.

4_2 (61)
I put the house where the old Alto house was, and the view is amazing.

4_2 (62)
With new kids with all new favourite colours, I renovated the kids rooms.
But only by recolour, since money is not as abundant as it used to.

Selleck’s old room is Cyan’s room. Which he can’t sleep in yet, being a toddler and all.

4_2 (63)
Yun’s old room is Umberto’s new room.

4_2 (64)
The general baby room will become Flak’s room.

4_2 (65)
Luigi takes over Judah’s room, which only got a change in the wallpaper.

4_2 (66)
Working out with one fine view.

4_2 (67)
4_2 (68)
4_2 (69)
Typical Sunday chilling.
Umberto: If you’re gonna eat the dolls, I don’t wanna play with you.

4_2 (70)
About time I did something with that empty hallway.

4_2 (71)
Cyan: So sleepy.
Max: I’m sleepy too. Good night, Cyan.

4_2 (72)
4_2 (73)
There’s much baby holding in this chapter.

4_2 (74)
Flak: It’s birthday time for me!

4_2 (75)
Flak: I can finally go outside and look at insects! :D

4_2 (76)
I got to pick his trait, so Flak is now a daredevil.

4_2 (77)
Judah goes shiny rock hunting, ’cause some alchemy potions require certain rocks and metals.

4_2 (78)
The bus stops in the absolutely perfect spot in front of the house.

4_2 (79)
4_2 (80)
Soon. Soon, Judah is done training all of her kids in life skills.
Soon, she can return to work and make some effort on her LTW.

4_2 (81)
Meanwhile, Max is doing very well at work.

4_2 (82)
First party in a new town needs to be grand. In with the buffet table!

4_2 (83)
Umberto: Happy birthday, Lu.
Luigi: Thanks, Umbe.

4_2 (84)
I have some bees now. Gotta cover ’em in smoke for safety reasons.

4_2 (85)
Antwan: I’m still here, being immortal and stuff.

The two people behind him are a faerie and a witch. I want to bring some supernatural things back into this challenge.

4_2 (86)
4_2 (87)
4_2 (88)
Tons of new people show up for Luigi’s party.

4_2 (89)
I don’t have much fun stuff for male teens, but this is good enough.

4_2 (90)
Luigi now has glasses, more pink in his hair, and his newest trait is green thumb.

He looks a bit like a youtuber I’m subscribed to, haha.

4_2 (91)
Unless one of the other kids show more variety, I think Luigi will become the heir.
We’ll see soon.

4_2 (92)
Ending this chapter with something interesting.
Max won his game, but back in the day, Twain lost every single game she was in.
Was this a fluke win? Or did Twain just suck? Game was being stupid? Who knows.

Points tally.

Torch Holders: 4
Births: 12/1/0
Social Worker: 0
Fired: 0
Fail School: 0
Fires: 1
Pass-Outs: 0
Wet Pants: 1
Repo-Man: 0
Un-Normal Deaths: 0
Honor Roll: 10
Topped Careers: 1
Non-Playable Topped Careers: 3
LTW Achieved: 2
Non-Playable LTW Achieved: 2
Every 100k Total Worth: 0
Points Total: 320 points

Next chapter should come out within a week from this chapter’s publishing date.
See ya then!


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4 Responses to The Moustachacy ISBI 4.2

  1. Aw, boo to all the mini-Judahs! As awesome as she is, she didn’t need to clone herself. Hopefully Cyan will have some variety and give Luigi competition for heir. Though I did love Luigi’s horse obsession – none of mine have used it much, except for the Loner who always just patted the horse, lol.

    As always, I’m in awe of your decorating skillz, and how what shouldn’t work together, just looks awesome. I think it’s the mustache pattern.

    • Malin says:

      The clone thing has always been in my game, even now when I even have proper mods with genetic blending. Perhaps I should take a closer look at it, see if I can tweak it more.
      And thanks for the compliment. :D I agree that the way I’m decorating wouldn’t look good in real life, but it’s so wacky that it works in the sims world.

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